Registration for Fall will open August 3.

Due to Covid 19, all classes in the fall will be taught via pre recorded video lessons.

There will not be any face-to face classes. 

Video Lessons

Each week a new video lesson will be posted to a Google Classroom.


The video will be available for one week and then be removed. The next week's lesson will be posted the following day and so forth.


To participate in these lessons you will need a free google email account and a paid tuition.


The classes will require parent participation.

In Head Start, parents will need to assist in making books and completing various activities.

In Next Steps, parents will need to help students put the strategies I'm teaching into action by helping the child read easy reader books. 

In Write Track, parents will have to monitor pencil grip and correct letter strokes that I demonstrate. 


There are 2 options:

1) if you live in Cypress, I can deliver your materials to you.

2) you can pick up materials from my front porch.

3) if you live outside of Cypress, materials can be mailed to you for a fee.


Sesssion 1  will be from September 7-November 14. 

Head Start has 10 lessons


Next Steps has 10 lessons

Write Track has 9 lessons


The ABC classes are not available online at this time. 

** No refunds once you have been given the link to the Google Classroom.**


BOOST Early Learning Center is a place where pre-k students come to have fun learning how to read! Students completing the program can enter kindergarten feeling more confident, knowing how to read and write!


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