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Early Literacy at Home Part 2

Literacy is defined as the act of reading and writing. In my previous post, I discussed how to set up a special place for reading. Today, I'd like to share a space for writing! When my boys were younger, I wanted them to have a place where they could go draw, color, cut, and write! I wanted all the materials to be available to them at all times! I didn't want them to have to come to me to ask permission. I wanted them to be able to create whenever they were inclined to do so!

Things to consider when setting up a space like this:

1) make sure it's in a space that can easily be wiped down (no carpet)

2) natural light can be very inspirting

3) the space will get if you don't like that, maybe set it up in a room where you

can close to door.

Supplies to have in the space:

1) stamps and ink ( alphabet stamps, picture stamps)

2) various types of stickers

3) dot markers, washable markers (thin and thick), crayons, colored pencils

4) white paper, construction paper, card stock

5) Scotch tape, washi tape

6) stencils

7) kid safe scissors (make sure you have taught your child how to use them)

8) gel pens are fun for kids too

9) pencils

10) clipboards, spiral notebooks

How to use the walls:

1) alphabet posters, handwriting posters, number posters

2) a place for kids to display their work

3) display sight words (if your child is learning these)

4) Bible verses, days of the week (things you might refer to)

5) Photos with the word underneath for words they may write alot (ex: Picture of mommy, with the word Mommy under it/ Picture of a sibling with his/her name under it)

6) hang a calendar to practice counting, singing the days of the week, etc.

My boys LOVED this space! They couldn't wait to get in there to do their "work" every day! Look at the smile on his face! And to be honest with you, this one is my reluctant learner!

In my next post, I will share some of the activities we did together in this space!

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