Registration Opens May 3

Due to Covid 19, I will offer a LIMITED number of classes face to face but still continue to offer classes on video as well.

If you choose IN-PERSON:

Summer 2021 BOOST Schedule website2.jpg

Please note: If I or a student is exposed to Covid 19 or tests positive, classes will be cancelled for the necessary amount of time. During the weeks that classes are cancelled, missed lessons will be posted to a google classroom. PARENTS will be responsible for watching the video with their child and completing the activity provided before face to face classes resume. There will not be make-up lessons.

Vacations: There are no refunds or make-up classes for classes missed due to vacations. With notice, I can provide you the materials and give you access to the video lesson for time you are gone. 

VBS: If your child cannot attend the regular class time due to a VBS schedule, you can attend a class later on your same day if you give me notice.