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BOOST began offering Head Start to Reading classes in January 2017.   BOOST is currently offering some of the original Head Start to Reading classes and few classes original to BOOST. Children only attend class once a week, for 55 minutes a week!

Each session lasts 10 weeks.

It's amazing to see what children can learn in only 10 lessons! 

In a small group setting, we first introduce students to the alphabet in the ABC/Fine Motor class. Then we teach students to recognize 22 sight words in the Head Start to Reading class.  In Next Steps to Reading, we build on that knowledge by teaching students how to figure out words on their own! Finally we put it all together in the Write Track to Reading class by teaching children how to write the letters of the sounds they hear in words!

Mrs. Lesli, owner of BOOST Early Learning Center, is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Education. She has been teaching for 19 years and is certified for K-8. Her passion has always been literacy, especially ESL. After having her own children, she became interested in early literacy and has been teaching Pre-K since 2015.  Mrs. Lesli and her husband have 2 young  boys who also completed the reading classes that she now offers! 

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